Resurrection Tastes Like Maple Syrup

waffleWe did it. The whole Holy Week Shebang. We entered into the parade of Palm Sunday. Cherry the Colt made an appearance. As with any parade worth participating in, there were abundant youngsters. And snacks. Guest preacher Pastor Marc Ostlie-Olson brought the story to life. We returned on Thursday  to experience a meal shared in love (with a side order of betrayal.) (Read more about that here:

Friday, we gathered again. But this time we had six singer/songwriters lead us through the last seven words (actually, last seven statements) of Jesus. It was Good. And terribly sad. I'm grateful to Justin Rimbo and his work of rounding these artists up and putting the challenge before them. Thank you Nikki Dahlman, Nate Houge, Rachel Kurtz, Michael Morris and Jonathan Rundman for the powerful song selections. I was amazed at the pack of kids who occupied two quilts on the floor and patiently waited for a turn to extinguish a few candles in the sand cross. Curious to witness them taking it in--observing the moments of silence while laying on their tummies pushing cars around or coloring. Interesting that they separated themselves into a girl quilt and boy quilt. Did anyone else think of Mary, the mother of Jesus' grief as baby Benton cooed along as his mom sang? I did.

photo (6)Finally, we made it to Holy Saturday--and we gathered once again for the Easter Vigil. We witnessed a fire made from a ton of glow sticks and we heard creative storytelling. Thank you to everyone (Katie, Lydia, Anna, Galen, Jay, Angie and Elizabeth) who brought those stories to life...with slides, Polly Pockets and Barbies, music, poems. We gathered around the baptism font-where we remembered God's promises to us and again around wine and bread.

And then, Joel and Julie and Jill and Jen started making waffles and flipping pancakes. Resurrection tastes like maple syrup at Humble Walk.

We had packed chairs and tables for each leg of the journey. New faces and returning faces. A number of times throughout the week, a newer face pulled me aside to say, "You guys are really welcoming." Thank you, Humble folk. That's you...extending the table and setting out chairs and propping open the door of this community. It transforms us all as we recognize Christ in our midst.