3 Days

Too Much LoveLast night, we gathered for a meal at our worship space. We have done this meal...this particular way for four years. It is definitely one of my favorite things we do at Humble Walk. There are people at the door ready to greet you and wash your hands for  you. A couple of our youngsters took it upon themselves to show people to their seats. We enter into the story of Jesus gathered with his disciples around a meal of bread and wine. We add olives, hummus, cheese, orange slices, salami and a good deal sparkling juice. It's a meal that begins in joy and celebration and ends in confusion and silence. In silence, we break camp...putting away chairs, clearing dishes, rolling up coloring paper, sweeping floors, packing our Rubbermaid bins. My own flesh and blood love the beginning--and are quick to tell you that they don't like the ending "where you have to be quiet." If you are having some of the same conversations at your house--you might find it interesting that Thursday, Friday and Saturday is considered one long worship service. There is an arc--from a meal filled with love and betrayal...to the silence of death and despair ..to finally FINALLY...resurrection and new life. And then we eat waffles.

Join us tonight when we gather in that quiet space with some of our artists in residence. Yes, kids, too. We have snacks and coloring and spaces to sit on the floor around the sand candle. We also want them there (rather than just tolerate them). If you find your patience is waning, you can always step out early.