Prayers for Mid-Winter Convo

A bunch of Humble folk led morning prayer at Luther Seminary this morning. It's Midwinter Convocation--which means, 500 pastors from far and wide are here to learn and connect. The topic is Worship in a Changing World. We lead again tomorrow morning--come on over and sing and pray with us. We promise that we will hold back on the incense/thurible tomorrow (great relief for the those with allergies. But hey, you don't know until you try. Right?) I promised a few folks that I would post the prayers from this morning. Here you go. Take them as your own.

Order of worship

Songs(Paperless) (Call and response, no need to print) (Led by a tribe of Humble folk)



Good morning and to leaders from far and wide, welcome. We believe that wherever you are on your journey of faith, God meets you here. We begin worship in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


Opening prayer

The Lord be with you. (And also with you).

Let us pray, God, we are here. On the cusp of something yet unseen. The anxiety over our unknown future is palpable. Give us the eyes to see and the willingness to respond to your call with “Yes, and...” In Christ we pray, Amen.


“You received an index card when you entered. Take that out and write down all the unknowns in your life right now. Name and write down the uncertainties that are causing anxiety.”


We give people 1-2 minutes to think/write. Amy light charcoal in thurible. Please. Or this worship will be a disaster.


Scripture: Luke 9: 28-36 (Amy reads)


Hymn: Beautiful Savior (Justin calls out title and number)


Prayers of PeopleThe processional cross, thurible and box move to the back of the room and we follow them by physically turning around in our seats. This invites people into a new perspective (physically) as we pray.


We say, “Please continue to face the processional cross by turning your body as we pray.”


Abiding Christ, let's just be crystal clear...we have no idea what is going on or what we are doing. We thought we knew for a while. It's as if a cloud has enveloped us and all that we knew to be true. Is this church knocking on heaven's door? Does my job my life my work even matter? Wow, this is uncomfortable...and teeny tiny bit exciting. Re-orient us, God. Give us eyes to see what is possible. Lord, in your mercy

Abiding Christ, you have called us to be preachers of your word. It is such a strange job. We stand in pulpits on Sunday, hoping we haven't missed the Good in the News. We pray we don't screw it up. That we might have something to offer to those who have gathered. And then Monday rolls around and we begin the whole maddening process again. Give us persistence, humor, humility and honesty in this work. Lord, in your mercy

Abiding Christ, the world is moving so rapidly we can just barely catch our breaths. It would be great if you made us relevant and provided a sweet supply of techno gadgetry. But what you give us is bread, wine, water and words. At first that feels sort of like a rip-off...and then we witness these gifts changing the lives of people around us. We see the dead being raised. Thank you for entrusting us with this work. Lord, in your mercy,


We lift these and the unspoken prayers of our hearts to you, trusting in your mercy. Amen.


At the end of the prayers, the cross moves back up front...the box and thurible move to the space by the door/font.

Sending song When It Seems the Day Will End (Written by Justin Rimbo)

(At the end of the song, we ask people to drop their cards into the box as they leave)

Dismissal: Go in peace and serve the Lord. Thanks be to God.