Ennouncements: January 16th, 2013

This Week at Humble Walk

Worship 4:30 on Sundays at Acme Scenic Arts, 941 West 7th Street, St Paul

Sunday, January 20 No worship at Acme Scenic Arts. Worship on location at Bay Lake Camp. Come with us for the the winter retreat. OR just drive up for Sunday (helllooooo, Sunday afternoon drive doesn't have to be a thing of the past). 4:30PM on the island.

Winter Retreat at Bay Lake January 19-21, 2013 90 miles north of the Twin Cities lies the winter wonderland of Bay Lake Camp. Owned by First Lutheran Church on the Eastside, Bay Lake Camp sits on it's very own island (surrounded by frozen lake). You park at the landing and walk across the frozen lake (walk toward the light). As you walk, you find yourself laying aside thoughts of work, tasks left undone and those damn smart phones. What lies before you is: rest, boot hockey, campfires, scratch food, board games, prayer and Sunday Night Live (variety show that ends in a dance). Likely, you will go in search of The Others (because you know they are out there). Want to come? Reserve a room by emailing Jodi at jodihouge@gmail.com. $100 for a room (sleeps 4-8, plus you have your own bathroom). Meals extra. (Some meals we will buy from camp and some we will cook Humble Walk-style).

Beer and Hymns at Shamrock's Pub on Monday, January 21 from 7-9PM.

Financial Peace University (A invite from Casey) Hello dears, I wanted to pass along the Augustana Church is doing another Financial Peace class  February 10th  - April 14th (with a break for Easter). Everything starts at 4:45 and ends at 7pm, childcare and dinner are provided. It is about $100 for the class, which ends up being a lifetime membership to FPU giving you access to audit any class ever for the rest of your life. John and I are going back to be small group leaders for the program, as a way to continue our education and to support others learning how to manage money through the lessons in the gospel. Can we add this to the next e-nnouncements? Here are a couple of links that might be of interest to folks, http://www.daveramsey.com/fpu. You can preview a free lesson here https://fpuonline.daveramsey.com/. This class changed our lives, really and truly. It is worth every second.  Thanks dears!!

Weight of the Word=small groups who gather to connect with one another and the Gospel text for the coming Sunday. You can show up at one that is already cooking OR form your own.

Weight of the Word-Mickey's Diner. 6-7AM every other Wednesday. For more info: contact Jen jlh980@gmail.com

Weight of the Word-Now with more kids. 9:30AM-10:30AM every other Tuesday (kids welcomed and expected). For more info: contact Erin erindeboermoran@gmail.com 

Future Things of Importance:  All ages family camp at Bay Lake Camp, June 20-23, 2013