Winter. Bring on the retreat, please.

We did it. We made it through Christmas and all those expectations and conversations. Likely, there were moments of great joy--and also a good amount of grief or annoyance. But--we did it. Your reward, should you choose to accept it, is great. A weekend at Bay Lake Camp with some of the finest faces around. Having been to Bay Lake in every season--I will tell you that winter is by-far my favorite. No fear of drowning kids because the lake is, um, frozen. This frozen-lake playground goes on forever--providing  hours of  independent exploration. If you like outdoorsy winter things, then bring your xc skies, snowshoes, ice skates. Or just bring padding for the boot hockey games (where adults do NOT let kids win).

Are you more of the indoorsy sort? No one will mock you for settling into a great big leather chair by the fire. Cocoa provided.

Casey will lead us in yoga. By the end of the weekend, we will all return to our work/lives filled up and stretched out. You also have the option of turning in your phones at the beginning of the retreat (and all your other screens, too).

Register with me, by telling me you want to go. Then I write your name down in my notebook and you write a check to Bay Lake when you get there. How's that?

A bit more below:

(Music inspiration:  White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes)


Winter Retreat at Bay Lake January 19-21, 2013

90 miles north of the Twin Cities lies the winter wonderland of Bay Lake Camp. Owned by First Lutheran Church on the Eastside, Bay Lake Camp sits on it's very own island (surrounded by frozen lake). You park at the landing and walk across the frozen lake (walk toward the light). As you walk, you find yourself laying aside thoughts of work, tasks left undone and those damn smart phones. What lies before you is: rest, boothockey, campfires, scratch food, board games, prayer and Sunday Night Live (variety show that ends in a dance). Likely, you will go in search of The Others (because you know they are out there). Want to come? Reserve a room by emailing Jodi at $100 for a room (sleeps 4-8, plus you have your own bathroom). Meals extra. (Some meals we will buy from camp and some we will cook Humble Walk-style).