Ennouncements: December 17, 2012

This Week at Humble Walk

Worship 4:30 on Sundays at Acme Scenic Arts, 941 West 7th Street, St Paul

Sunday, Dec. 16 Advent 3 Prayers for the school shooting victims and a nation in mourning. Gospel text: Luke 3: 7-18  John the Baptist arrives on the scene with playground rules for fair play. Interactive sermon brought to you by Team Advent.

Support Humble Walk Blitz Week: $3720 has been shared from Humble folk in Holland, OH...Edmonds, WA...Tea, SD...Thunder Bay, Ontario...Moorhead, MN. We give thanks for this generosity. Visit our site at: http://www.razoo.com/story/Humble-Walk-Lutheran-Church

Beer and Carols at Shamock's Pub Monday, December 17 from 7-9PM.

Christmas Tea Monday, December 24 at the Houge house. Drop in and have a cup of tea and a treat. 10-11:30AM. Take a deep breath before you venture into the land of extended family. (Email Jodi for directions jodihouge@gmail.com). Weight of the Word=small groups who gather to connect with one another and the Gospel text for the coming Sunday. You can show up at one that is already cooking OR form your own.

Weight of the Word-Mickey's Diner. 6-7AM every other Wednesday. For more info: contact Jen jlh980@gmail.com

Weight of the Word-Now with more kids. 9:30AM-10:30AM every other Tuesday (kids welcomed and expected). For more info: contact Erin erindeboermoran@gmail.com 


Coming this Fall and Winter and Summer Next:

All ages winter retreat at Bay Lake Camp MLK weekend (Jan. 19-21)

All ages family camp at Bay Lake Camp, June 20-23, 2013