When the sh@# hits the fan. It's Advent.

You know how when the shit hits the proverbial fan--or when folks are in a place where they have very little to lose (because it seems like they have lost everything already)--how during those times, people tend to tell the truth? The hard truth? That's the sort of storytelling we had last night at Shamrock's Pub. Back up. Last night, we gathered for our regular monthly Theology Pub night--but it wasn't normal. Mostly because Humble Walk doesn't have a normal. But also because we did our first storytelling event. We gathered three storytellers with guitars and three storytellers without guitars--and they all shared pieces under the theme: Waiting in the Dark. It was good, friends. Better than good.

I'm grateful to our three storytellers without guitars who stood up at the mic and told us stories of waiting. Without scripts. Without notes. It was incredibly brave. And, I am grateful for our songwriters--and understand that the Humble Walk community is rich with music. It's like we have a soundtrack being written for us (um, because we do).

So, Advent is here and we are waiting. And it is dark. But we have stories and honesty and music and by God's grace, we have one another.