Ennouncements: November 27th, 2012

This Week at Humble Walk

Worship 4:30 on Sundays at Acme Scenic Arts, 941 West 7th Street, St Paul

Sunday, Dec. 2  Advent 1 Homework assignment Answer some or all of the following questions by way of images.

1. How do you know it’s winter? 2. What does redemption look like? 3. What does transition look like? 4. What are you afraid of?

Ways to collect images:

1. Cut out pictures from a magazine, newspaper, or print something out from the internet. If cutting up a magazine gives you guilt issues, keep in mind that print is dead. 2. Create a work of art on a piece of paper smaller than 8.5.x11. Paint, crayon, macaroni, whatever. In fact, I would love to see macaroni art that answers #4. 3. Go on a family scavenger hunt – bring your camera or smartphone and go around inside or outside, giving everyone a turn taking pictures that answer these questions. If you use a digital camera and you’re not averse to spending a little money, upload the images to your computer and you can send them to an evil chain store like Target or WalMart to print them out for cheap.

Bring these to church next week. We need them.

Theology Pub: Waiting in the Dark, a night of storytelling and music. Monday, December 3 at Shamrock's Pub. 7-9PM.

Weight of the Word=small groups who gather to connect with one another and the Gospel text for the coming Sunday. You can show up at one that is already cooking OR form your own.

Weight of the Word-Mickey's Diner. 6-7AM every other Wednesday. For more info: contact Jen jlh980@gmail.com

Weight of the Word-Now with more kids. 9:30AM-10:30AM every other Tuesday (kids welcomed and expected). For more info: contact Erin erindeboermoran@gmail.com 

Coming this Fall and Winter and Summer Next: Beer and Hymns at Shamrock's: Dec. 17 All ages winter retreat at Bay Lake Camp MLK weekend (Jan. 19-21) All ages family camp at Bay Lake Camp, June 20-23, 2013