Tell it like it is.

Humble folk, we are entering into a discernment process around our worship life. And by "we"...I mean all those who enter into Humble Walk's life together. (That might look like Sundays at Acme, Theology Pub, Beer and Hymns, Wild Things in the Park, Weight of the Word small groups, etc). Maybe you have been around from the beginning. Maybe you have come to one event. We want to hear from all of you. And the questions we are asking are these: "Where do you feel 'met'?" "What parts of worship  bring you the most life?" (Life=freedom, energy, feeling known, engaged)

"What is going 'unmet'?" "What parts of worship feel distant, obligation, like a drag?"

The leader (Camp Counselor Yac) of our gathering in Austin said that most people come to worship because they want to connect with God and they want to connect with one another. And what they find when they show up to a typical worship setting is one person (the preacher) talking about his/her connection with God. I can't quite shake this's fairly accurate. Humble Walk is a bit different in that I rarely preach a sermon on my own. Even if I try--you have trained me so well in dialogue that it doesn't work. I do love this peanut gallery, by the way. And I also think we might be able to tend to this better.

So, think about the questions. Bring your brutally honest answers to me (via conversation, email, etc). I want to know.