Ennouncements: October 18th, 2012

This Week at Humble Walk

Worship 4:30 on Sundays at Acme Scenic Arts, 941 West 7th Street, St Paul Sunday, Oct. 21 The baptism of Benton Douglas May. Today is a special day for all of us. Rachel and Michael have honored us by inviting this assembly to witness the  baptism and to participate in Benton's life. As we live in community together, we grow in faith and love. We who are present on Sunday stand in for the Christian community world-wide. The music train is led by John Kerns

Sunday, Oct. 28 Reformation Sunday. We die. We rise. Guest appearance/preacher Ingrid Rasmussen. Music train led by John Kerns

Sunday, Nov. 4 Holly Newsom (of Zoo Animal) Sunday, Nov. 11 Holly Newsom (of Zoo Animal) Sunday, Nov. 18 Holly Newsom (of Zoo Animal) Sunday, Nov. 25 Holly Newsom (of Zoo Animal)

Texas Forever  The fine folks at Austin Presbyterian Seminary are flying Rev. Jodi Houge and her retreat group to Austin. She will be in Austin Oct. 22-25. 

Theology Pub's fall theme is Art and Faith. Monday, Nov. 3 from 7-9PM at Shamrock's Pub. Guest artist: Amanda Belle.

Beer and Hymns is back and sing-i-er than ever. Monday, Nov. 19 from 7-9PM at Shamrock's Pub. Bring your people over.

Weight of the Word=small groups who gather to connect with one another and the Gospel text for the coming Sunday. You can show up at one that is already cooking OR form your own.

Weight of the Word-Mickey's Diner. 6-7AM every other Wednesday. For more info: contact Jen jlh980@gmail.com

Weight of the Word-Now with more kids. 9:30AM-10:30AM every other Tuesday (kids welcomed and expected). For more info: contact Erin erindeboermoran@gmail.com 

Coming this Fall and Winter and Summer Next: Theology Pub at Shamrock's: Nov. 5, Dec. 3 Beer and Hymns at Shamrock's: Nov. 19, Dec. 17 Women's retreat weekend at Bay Lake Camp, Nov 2-4 All ages winter retreat at Bay Lake Camp MLK weekend (Jan. 18-22) All ages family camp at Bay Lake Camp, June 20-23, 2013