Jess is going to Guatemala

Humble Walk is sending Jess Myhre to Guatemala.  This process has gone the way things usually go at Humble Walk. One day...deep into summer, we were invited by Saint Anthony Park Lutheran Church to join them in forming a traveling group. I posted it on the wall of our fb group. "Hey, anyone interested in going to Guatemala in October?" And just like that, Jess said, "Yes." And Larry said, "Me, too." But then Larry heard a high school student from Saint Anthony wanted to go. And Larry, being Larry, said, "I'll go another time."

Bahdahbing,'s time to leave for Guatemala.

This Sunday at worship, we will surround Jess with prayers for safe travel. On Sunday, October 14, Jess will fly to Guatemala and will return home on Sunday, October 21. She will experience and see and taste for all of us. She bears and receives Christ for all of us. THEN, she gets to come home and tell all of us the stories.  (She will take over the music stand pulpit on Sunday, Oct. 28...perfect way to celebrate Reformation Sunday).

Please keep this group in your prayers in the coming weeks. Five high school students and five adults. (Most of them don't realize that this is going to mess with their entire lives and world view.) We give thanks for their willingness. And we give thanks for the Lutheran church in Guatemala--for receiving these traveling learners.

(This is a picture of Jess (left) and her partner, Heather).