Breaking Bread (in the park)

I have been meaning to share this for a few weeks. Here is a story from August's Wild Week at the park behind Adam's Elementary School.  

This week, we served quite a bit of holy bread in the park. It was Wild Week—where we lead a couple hours of community building games and art and then we gather for a meal. Casey led all of us through an amazing week. All together, 190 meals were eaten. Kids, babies, grandpas, trusted adults, teenagers. Some came early. Some came late. Many didn't even know it was Humble Walk leading. Some people just happen to be at the park and joined us. It was definitely holy. In each conversation and meal shared, Jesus was present. Giving life and hope.

One of my favorite moments was when Noah, age two, could smell the big boxes of Rooster's fried chicken. We were just getting it set up and needed five more minutes. Casey needed five more minutes to wrap up the community time. Do you think Noah cared about order? Or our agenda? Or debriefing or saying grace?

Noooo. He looked at me from the other side of the table and said, “I'm hungry.” And I chuckled and said, “I know, honey. Five more minutes.” And he said, with wrinkled brow, “But I can smell it. I'm hungry.”

We are all beggars, friends. Hungry.

 Sunday after Sunday, the risen Christ comes to us as God in flesh—hidden in the ordinary food and drink of this world. We eat and drink believing. Then believing, we see.

We see that if God is in this meal, then God is in all of life.

And we come back to the table, Sunday after Sunday, to remember that it is Jesus who gives us life.