Take a load off, Humble folk

Remember that May work weekend at Bay Lake Camp? That feels like a lifetime ago. Because ten minutes later, we held our summer kickoff/bike blessing/rock and roll show/walking taco event at Art House North. Which inaugurated a Summer of Wild Things in one of our local parks. Sheesh. It was wild. Every Thursday, Casey gathered up leaders and youngsters and all those who hang around the edges. We played, learned, drank cups of water, welcomed new faces. Friends were made, fights broke out, repairs were made, knees were scraped and bandaged. Sometime in the middle of the summer, we sent a group of kids off to Bay Lake for an entire week, then others to the National Youth Gathering. Then, we went back to Bay Lake Camp for another weekend. Oh, we gathered 100 of our closest friends at Shamrock's for a monthly Beer and Hymns singfest.

August rolled around...which meant Wild Week in the park. For four days straight, we built community and shared evening meals.

The next week, Matt and Nate led us in a weekend of Summer Homework...where we worked on five different homes in the West End (painting, repairing and the like).

That was supposed to be the summer grand finale, but since the kids are going back to school...why wouldn't all the parents want to invite them to a formal back to school dinner/dance? We put on lipstick and bowties and we danced and said a prayer for the new school year.

Are you tired? I am. The good kind of tired. Like when you are backpacking and finally get to the day's stopping point and you get to set down your back and make some noodles. It's not the end of the trail, but a good place to rest a while.

Which is what we are doing this month. We are resting. No meetings. No last minute brainstorms. Nothing more than worship. Just worship. For a whole month. Welcome to September Sabbath.