Humble Walk always feels like it's on the move. We are such a fluid community. Folks coming and going. Dipping in for a while--fading--returning. Even the spaces we occupy are full of movement. Coffee shops, bars, parks. The storefront/art space where we gather to worship is on W 7th...a block down from the fire station. So, we hear the sirens and the constant din of cars driving by. Foot traffic from local businesses brings noses pressed up against the windows of our worship space..wondering what the heck is going on within those walls. Inside our gathered community are small bodies who are at the peak of physical movement (know any 3-year-olds?) And wired young and old adults--with caffiene coarsing through their veins and messages constantly coming at them across smartphones lines.

Those who traveled to New Orleans know about movement. As do those who have been on summer roadtrips, traveling for work or training for tri-athlons. Our intern is packing up and moving across the country. Some others friends are moving into the West End. They get it.

It seems like this would be the typical time to tell you to slow down, meditate on the stillness of God--or something along those lines. Maybe that's what you need (and if so, go for it). I am not really there just yet (check with me at the end of August). Right now, I am thankful for energy and fullness and a community willing to acknowledge all this abundant life.