Little Rascals

 A few of us were setting up for worship. Chatting outside on the sidewalk (narthex). A couple kids wander by, pulling a cooler on wheels. Brother and sister (I presume), ages 5 and 8. The 8-year-old pokes her head in the door and asks, "Hey, what is this place?!""Well, it's a church service." "Oh. Can I sign up?" She asks. "Um, you can just come. You don't need to sign up." "Okay." Then, turning and yelling down the sidewalk to her little brother, "You wanna go to this thing?"

So, they wheeled in the cooler and assisted with set up. And asked a lot of questions. I asked where they were coming from when then wandered by our doorway. They were hanging out next door at Joe and Stan's (bar). "We went for a kiddie cocktail. Well, my brother had water because he wanted orange juice, but they said that breakfast time was over." Perfect sense.

One of the Humble Walk folks took them under his wing-sat with them and guided them through the service. We heard the 8-year-old sing and knew she was disappointed when she found out that we sing collectively (she was hoping for a solo)--and that the 5-year-old likes to listen to Eminem. I told them I like to eat M&M's. Then we giggled at how lame I am.

After worship, back outside on the sidewalk (narthex)...we were munching on left-over communion bread. The 8-year-old pulls out a refillable restaurant-style ketchup bottle from her wheelie cooler and douses the bread with it.  (I like this display of preparedness.) Plans were made to return in two weeks--goodbye's exchanged and they continued down the road.

This is the moment that those of us who were left couldn't stop laughing. Because it's all so normal and strange and joyful and weird. "You know, Humble Walk has a certain Little Rascals vibe to it," says one. "Oh my word. That's exactly it," says another.

Then with heads shaking at what it is we get to witness, we head to our cars.

(Photo's are the re-enactment of Jesus calming the storm. By the end, every person in the building had a part. Did I mention that we have a Super Intern?)