We have a new baptismal font. It's built to be a watering trough for horses. But we decided (okay, I decided) it would make an ideal font. We have it in the back of the art space..with a couple inches of water. It's on the floor--right inside the door as you enter. If you are two-years-old (or three or four) it is irresistible. If you were baptized a couple weeks ago...and you are two...well, of course, that horse trough of a font is completely the center of your attention. You might want to spend an entire worship service baptizing your stuffed animals. Even though it's wet, messy and slightly gross. You keep making your way back to that font. Even when your mom is completely frustrated with the soggy mess. Because it's what you have experienced and now it's what you know. And you want your stuffed friends to experience it, too. Of course. And this is how the kids end up leading the rest of us.