I'm working less

I'm going to try and work less this summer. You can find me working in and through and with Humble Walk Sun-Wed. I would love to meet with you, answer your messages and calls and participate in this revolution of love with you during those days. From Thurs-Sat, you will find me trying to keep up with my family. And reading. And gardening.

Basically, I am embracing the part time part of my part time call. So, if there is a delay in my response to you--or you feel like I dropped off the earth--don't fear. I will get back to you. My goal is to not check email or fb messages during those off days. Because it tends to be a slippery slope.

Of course, call or text me with emergencies. That is always appropriate.

Our activity seems to double in the summer...with all sorts of events and gatherings. And worship keeps coming around each week. Which means, the workload also doubles. But get this...we have a team of folks (thank you, thank you St Andrew's Lutheran Church grant program!!) who are leading parts of it. Each of the past summers, I have reached September and thought, "Good grief. That was amazing! And I will never survive another one." Now look! Someone, pass me a waffle...