Ennouncements: May 18th - 25th, 2012

This Week at Humble Walk

Sunday, May 20:  First Bible Sunday. Do your smallest people need their very own Spark Story Bible? We would love to give you one. Come on down to worship and we will hook you up. Guest artist, Rachel Kurtz, leads the musical way. Plus, a couple folks get dunked in our baptism font—come and surround and support Noah and Maddie as God makes wild and irreversible promises.

Sunday,  May 27:  If we put Pentecost Sunday in the hands of Justin Rimbo, it looks like: NOISE (invocation) FIRE (confession) TONGUES/NATIONS (message/offering) NEW WINE (communion) VISIONS/DREAMS (sending)

Experience it at your own pace from 4:30-6:30PM.


Bring your people to this! Hello, Summer Saturday, June 2 4:00 Blessing of Bikes 4:30 Food and Drum circle (Matt and Brylle and Jason) 5:30 If All Else Fails (Brylle and his friends' post-hardcore band) 6:00 Crazy Chesters (Bill and his friends' classic/southern rock band) 7:00 Stop. Clean up. Go home.


Humble Walk Hires People: Thanks to a grant from St Andrew's Lutheran Church, we have hired a fine cast of characters to lead our summer of mischievous fun and revolutionary acts of love. Welcome...

1. Casey Linstad, Summer Wild Things Coordinator. Casey will coordinate our wild rumpus activities in the hood. Casey brings energy, non-threatening invitations and joy.

2. Matt Holm and  3. Nate Houge, Co-leaders of Summer Homework. These two fellas bring experience, the ability to utilize volunteers and a love for neighbors.

4. Justin Rimbo, Art and Worship Coordinator. Justin will spend the next year making sure we have art in worship. Justin brings a love for all kinds of worship, theological prowess and a knack for taking risks.

A weekend on an island Run away to camp with us. Campfires, swimming, fishing Tents or Posh Spice rooms June 29-July 1 Bay Lake Camp. Where good things happen.

Beers and Hymns Shamrock's Pub Cork Room Monday, June 4, July 9, August 6