Seven Songs that Say Something

Remember that I get to run off with five other clergy folk for 24 hours in the woods each month? Well, that was this week. Our topic/assignment was to bring a mix tape with seven songs that say something. Something about life, love, faith. You know, important stuff. And by mix tape, I mean a burned cd. A good portion of this retreat was spent laying on comfy 70's couches (a dash of eeow) and listening to each playlist. With substantial amounts of coffee, chocolate, wine, popcorn with Hot Tamales mixed in. Glorious! I feel like the whole retreat was designed for little ol' me.

I do have to say that the song selection process was angst-ridden. These cd's are like my children--how on earth could I choose just seven? Too much pressure! Seven? SEVEN? How about seven from Patti Grifiin? How about seven from the songwriters in my life?

Anyway, part of the gift of this assignment was the hours spent re-listening to my cds. For the last few weeks, I had been making notes here and there of songs that I would definitely include. But then the whittling moment came in the middle of an incredibly hope-filled string of events--and I just couldn't put the mopey ones on it.

What songs would you choose? You only get seven (no cheating).

One person included *REM's Nightswimming. Do you have an out-of-body experience when you listen to that song like I do? It also occurred to me that that might be a great baptism song. And then someone else threw in Ripple by the Grateful Dead. Go on--listen to them both and try and deny  their baptismal references. Lovely. We can tuck these away until the next Humble Walk baptism.

*I have always wanted to give Michael a hug and a sandwich.