Ennouncements: March 30th - April 8th, 2012

Holy Week at Humble Walk Palm Sunday at Acme—April 1 Jesus rides into Jerusalem (St Paul) on a colt. All along the way, people throw their coats down on the road—red carpet style. They (we) sing, “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” Don't miss this drama. Then, if you are so inclined, stick around for a post-liturgy feast.

Too Much Love Feast—Maundy Thursday, April 5 at Acme Jesus gathers his disciples and feeds them. Jesus tells us to love one another. So, we do. Don't miss this gracious meal (provided and catered by our own, Jean Hyde). 6PM. Yes, you can bring friends.

Good Friday Prayer Stations—April 6 at Highland Park At your own pace, walk through the prayer stations. Stations will be available from 6-8PM in the picnic area of Highland Park.

Easter Vigil, Holy Saturday—April 7 at Acme This is the night! We move from darkness to light, death to life. It's the pinnacle of the church year. Hear the ancient stories of our faith as we gather around a pillar of fire. The good news of the resurrection is proclaimed. And then we have a breakfast potluck. 6PM at Acme.

Easter Sunday—April 8 No services at Humble Walk. Go on and enjoy your people—with eyes trained to see new life.

Holy Week with Humble Walk recap Palm Sunday (April 1) 4:30PM Acme Maundy Thursday (April 5) 6PM Meal Acme Good Friday (April 6) 6PM-8PM Highland Park Picnic area Easter Vigil,  Holy Saturday (April 7) 6PM Acme Easter Sunday, (April 8) No service. Enjoy your people.