Psalt(ers) Palm Sunday

So, Palm Sunday is nearly upon us....actually, just two Sundays away. I'm sort of stumped by what Palm Sunday looks like at Humble Walk this year.  In the two previous years, we did a corner clean up prelude. Thinking, if this day is about Jesus riding into the midst of us...a Holy Week would makes sense to pick up the beer cans and cigarette butts for his arrival. It seems to make more sense than waving palm branches. Although, come to think of it...we did that, too. We gleaned them from Gustavus Adolphus one year...and from St Anthony Park another year. Palm Sunday is also the first Sunday of the month...which means a Feast Day Potluck for us.

What does Palm Sunday look like this year? Beyond singing All Glory Laud and Honor and waving palm branches? Don't say bringing in a real live donkey--I know some big churches do that and it just seems a bit too...precious?

What else is on the playlist for the day? Psalters:

Nate Houge: