What Sunday will look like...

This Sunday, our worship space will look a bit differently. Or maybe this is your normal. If you were with Humble Walk in early January, you may already be familiar with the form we call Holding the Space. Meaning, we are creating a space for you to pray, settle in, listen, set down your backpack. We begin with communion, then the youngsters are invited to walk to Subway with Michelle for dinner (provided) and age-appropriate Weight of the Word. Everyone else, sticks around. During the rest of the time, you are welcome to do any (or none) of the following:

  • Sit or knee (we bust out the floor canvas we all painted together)
  • Light a candle as you pray for someone or something
  • Write a prayer on a strip of cloth and tie it to the prayer tree
  • Sprinkle yourself with water in remembrance of your baptism

    (A holy collision of water, God's Word, Spirit)

  • Listen
  • Reflect upon the last week

    (High points? Low points? Where did you see God at work?)

  • Take some deep breaths and rest in the knowledge that you are beloved
  • Read today's Gospel
  • Pray through the newspaper.
  • Dig out your phone. Text your people and ask them what they want you to pray for.
  • If you wish to sent with an anointing of oil and a blessing, find Jodi in the back before you leave.