Bits, pieces, fragments

Annual reporting time. It's actually a tiny bit fun to see it all on paper. Since Humble Walk isn't a congregation in the technical sense (we are a "congregation under development") (which is something I hope for all congregations)...we cannot officially have members. This works out swimmingly, because we don't have any members. Ha. We don't do many of the normal church things around membership. No new member classes or orientation. No New Member Sunday. If you show up at anything Humble Walk related--you are in/us. We trust that God has gathered us--whether that is in the park or at Shamrock's Pub.

All the edges are terribly and wonderfully blurry. Theology on Tap, ice cream socials, Wild Week in the park, worship, Weight of the Word, camping at Bay Lake. I could go on and on. If we see your face around these gatherings--um, you get added (by pen) to a list of names in a notebook page titled "Humble People." And since I burn through these notebooks about every 9 months, we have a new list every 9 months.

Who needs spreadsheets and computers when you have Uniball pens and paper? I LOVE Uniball pens. Too much, perhaps.  I also love thinking back through the year and all the ways we have put bits and pieces together and deemed it church. Scraps, really. When I was doing the report, I asked folks on fb to raise their hands if they wanted to be included in our annual report. It was a hilarious and sweet exchange. "We are fringe people. Can we be counted?" Oh honey, fringe is all we got.