Change. For real.

Guess what? We are evolving. Again. Further. A few weeks ago, a group gathered for dinner to talk about our worship life...and what lent might look like at HW. (Stay tuned, it's going to be good).

Two changes that will affect Sundays:

1. Feast. Remember that time you walked into a room full of mostly strangers and the first thing they did was invite you to sit and eat? Yeah, that was hard, wasn't it? Well, we do recognize this quite real experience. For a year, we have been feasting on the first Sunday of the month. On the first Sundays, we have set aside our regular liturgy and the table fellowship becomes the main thing. With wine and bread and prayer and crockpots.

For now, we are going to set that aside for a while and see what happens. We will still feast on the first Sunday of the month, buuuuut, the feast will follow regular liturgy. (Think back to Advent. We had worship. We ate soup. Some stayed. Some left.)

This is timely, because it begins this Sunday. Unless you want to run home to watch the Superbowl (Go Sports!), stick around and eat with us.

2. Holding the Space. We are going to continue this practice two Sunday's a month, beginning in March. We will gather, share communion, have time for individual prayers and then two adults will walk with the kids to Subway. The kids will eat and have their own Weight of the Word time. The adults who remain get to sit. Pray. Rest. Retreat.

The kids are excited to have their own thing. The adults dream of 40 minutes of sitting in silence.

As always, I am grateful for this risk-taking community. And I thank God for this evolution love revolution.