Candles, Paint, So Emergent!

In the last decade, mainline churches have been trying out/trying on a variety of styles of worship labeled "Emergent." I'm not really interested in what is/what isn't emergent. Quite frankly, I don't think anyone around Humble Walk cares. It seems to me, Emergent is another stupid church word. Well, that's putting it ungraciously. Perhaps more kindly, it's a way to describe or interpret something that is bubbling up. Emerging, if you will. In the beginning, emergent meant lighting some candles in worship. Like, beyond the altar candles. Another big trend was to have someone paint or draw during worship. I know--I get it. We are all trying to bust out of the box and think about doing church differently. But often these attempts made me roll my eyes and think, "Of course you are. So Emergent!" Snark, snark, snark.

Now, look at me. Eating humble pie. Because in the month of January, we did both candle-lit worship AND had an artist paint.

How we arrived at So Emergent!

Advent/Christmas is exhausting. My community was tired. I was tired. So, when I thought about putting aside liturgy and intense intentional interaction for two weeks...I felt a sense of restfulness. Like, the pressure on all of could be lifted. We didn't have to work (liturgy meaning "the work of the people") didn't matter how many people were there. We could just sit. In a quiet space. Without expectation. And listen. After all the noise of Christmas, who wouldn't want that?

Then, I started thinking about what visual people we are--and how at HW, we focus so much on audio. Songwriters, singing, music, talking, talking, talking. Plus, Matt is us. He isn't imported. It would sinful not to acknowledge what he brings to the community or negate his vocation.

We just completed a three-week run with Matthew GG Holm at the helm of our art world. Matt filled the walls of Acme Academy of Arts with his abstracts. He painted, we painted, there was paint, and it was messy and good. I would also like to add that Matt did a tremendous amount of work for us--in prep, in hauling, in hanging, in risking, in taking down, in hauling, in putting himself out there for us. We are filled with gratitude for this work.

Want to jump the shark and import Matt? You can. For a price. (Contact him directly).