I'm leaving

I am leaving. I am. But, just for a few days. Starting tomorrow, I am taking a week of self-directed continuing education. I hope to crack the spine of a few books (too many, too many). And, I am spending Fri-Sun in the greater Seattle area. I am visiting and staying and worshiping with Church of the Beloved (they have places to stay). I am also visiting Luther's Table. Click on both of their links and you will likely understand what the draw is...Beloved is a community similar to Humble Walk. But then add intentional living, garden and bees. Luther's Table is a bar and grill...wait...it's a bistro...wait...it's a church...wait....it's a restaurant where the bar tender is an ordained Lutheran pastor...wait...it's a music venue.

Oh, just watch the youtube video on their site and you decide.

I am so interested and encouraged by these brave places that the church is at work. Labor-intensive, terrifying, life-giving work. And I love that these folks are leading the way for us. Come on, Twin Cities! Be led, already.