Ennouncements: December 22 - 30, 2011

 A Humble Christmas at Acme Scenic Arts (bring your people)Christmas Eve worship at 4:30PM with candles, costumes and carols led by Nate Houge. If you want a simple, beautiful, unhassled Christmas Eve worship…if you want to light a candle and sing Silent Night…if you want to help act out the Christmas story or watch as others do…if you have always wanted to play Mary or Shepherd #2…this is the service for you.

Christmas Day Merry Christmas (no worship at HW)

Thank you A great big thank you to Matt Holm and Arielle Taylor and Jean Hyde for feeding the crowd last Sunday. It has been a lovely season of sharing a table/floor/bench with you all. Thank you, Nate Houge, for leading our communal singing (ringing) during Advent.

With gratitude Rachel Kurtz led some serious caroling at Claddagh Coffee last Sunday. We are grateful for you, Rachel Kurtz...and that you would connect with your coffee shop roots for us.

Holding the Space Worship, Sunday, January 1 and January 8 For two Sundays, worship will look a bit different for us. You are invited to come and depart at your own pace. Quiet, small light, ample candles. We will hold the space for you. Begin the New Year in prayer with us. 4:30PM-5:30PM

Theology on Tap Monday, January 9 at Shamrock's. Topic: God the what? Guest theologian, Rev. Marc Ostlie-Olson. Yeah, boyee.

Study Week Pastor Houge is starting the year off with study by taking a week of continuing education January 4-10. You will likely notice how much more learn-ed she is when you see her on January 11.