We still need a baby Jesus

We are halfway through Advent. This Sunday, we light the third candle. John the Witness visits...pointing us to Jesus. We are on our way. We may have to delay Christmas, however. Seriously. I know we have been waiting, with an appropriate level of expectancy. We are prayfully observing this season. We are tending to our relationships and bodies with homemade soup and bread (hello, incarnation). But how can Jesus really come if we don't have a baby for the dramatic reading on Christmas Eve?

Once again, the good folks at Christ on the Capitol are loaning us their amazing fleet of costumes. We have a lovely, low-key worship service in the works. There will be candles to hold, Silent Night to sing, a manger to hold the Christ-child...and you can play the role of Mary or Cow or Sheep or Angel or Shepherd.

Well, truth be told, the baby in our reading might be Big Baby (on loan from Elsa). Even so, Jesus will slip into the world and once again, transform the whole thing.