Holy places

In worship on Sunday, we gathered around the story of Solomon building the temple. It was a magnificent, holy place. It was also deeply flawed from the get go--seeing as how Solomon used forced labor (30,000 men) to build that sucker. We don't have a temple. Goodness, we don't even have bricks or mortar. We are occasional squatters (July, August) who currently happen to have a short-term rental agreement.

But what this story pushed us to think about is holy places. And how God uses deeply flawed institutions to bring about the kingdom.  That includes Solomon's slave-built temple. That includes Humble Walk. Which means you.


It would be easy to conclude that Humble Walk is only the 25 people who show up for worship on Sundays. But since you are Humble Walk, you bring Humble Walk wherever you go. You bear Christ to the world. Often just by showing up. At work, home, bus stop, Shamrocks...


We covered our floor with white paper and then passed out Sharpies, instructing people to draw the holy places. It started with where we gather for worship on West 7th...then sprawled out all over the neighborhood...across the river to Minneapolis...to ND and Florida. And beyond.