Ennouncements: October 28 - November 4, 2011

This Sunday, Solomon builds a temple and Justin Rimbo makes his final appearance as the guiding force behind our collective song. Well, that and we are all reformed (again). 4:30PM Acme Gallery. Friday, October 28 – Operation Caffeination Friday morning is hopping at the bus stop at West 7th and Randolph. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a PJ Murphy’s donut. With sprinkles. 7ish to 8ish. (That’s AM, friends).

Sunday, November 6 is Feast Day. Think of it like a potluck liturgy. Bring something to share. Hear from our treasurer (and all around swell guy) about Humble Walk money. Where is comes from...where it goes. We also remember the saints who have gone before us.

Theology on Tap for November Theology on Tap at Shamrock’s Pub, Monday, November 7. Topic:  Radical hospitality. Guest theologian: Rev. Susan Tjornehoj. Food+drink+conversation.

Review Panel What is going on in and through the work of Humble Walk? What is God doing with us/for us/to us? A team from outside our community convenes for two days of reflection on November 9 and 10.