Ennouncements: October 22 - 30, 2011


Saturday, October 22 – Sunday, October 30, 2011

  Sunday, October 23 – Sunday Worship at 4:30 – Acme Gallery
  This Sunday, we welcome guest singer songwriter Heatherlyn. She's amazing. Bring your people. We continue our Mixed Tape Hits of the Old Testament...this week, we find David. So young, so handsome, so musically inclined. Sunday, October 23 at 4:30 at Acme Scenic Arts.
  Wednesday, October 26 – Weight of the Word
  Weight of the Word is at Claddagh Coffee 6-8PM.
  Friday, October 28 - Operation Caffeination
  Friday morning is hopping at the bus stop at West 7th and Randolph. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a PJ Murphy's donut. With sprinkles. 7ish to 8ish. (That's AM, friends).
  Sunday, October 30 – Sunday Worship at 4:30pm at Acme
  We continue with the narrative lectionary with Solomon building the Temple. If you build it...they will worship.
  On Sunday, October 23, we welcome guest artist, Heatherlyn. http://www.heatherlynmusic.com/  Heatherlyn is a singer song artist with a Soul ~ Roots ~ Rock vibe fromMinneapolis MN, selected in 2010 & 2011 as a Midwest Regional Finalist and awarded the 2010 Midwest “People’s Choice” of NPR’s Mountain Stage NewSong Performance Contest. Her soulful, honest voice resonates with people from many various walks of life. In Concert, Heatherlyn leads participants on a refreshing journey of connection – from whimsical laughter together to deeper thoughtfulness about life and love, considering how we each are conduits of peace and hope in our world. Go on, check her out. Then introduce your friends to her. Then bring them all to worship.
  Quilts. Amazing, plentiful, handmade quilts. A gift for us from Zion of Amor Lutheran Church in Battle Lake, MN. This Sunday, come and wrap up in a quilt of love as we give thanks for these gifts.
  Theology on Tap for November
  Theology on Tap at Shamrock's Pub, Monday, November 7. Topic: Lydia and hospitality. Guest theologian: Rev. Susan Tjornehoj. Food+drink+conversation.
October 2011 Worship Volunteers:
  Communion Bread: 
  Serving Communion:  Oscar and Anna
  Dish Washing Magic: Holms
  Altar Set-up:
  Operation Caffeination: 
  Other things we have not thought of:

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