Love looks like a quilt

On Monday morning, I was just about to get on the treadmill when I heard a knock at the door. It was a daughter of Zion of Amor Lutheran Church in Battle Lake, MN. She was brandishing huge garbage bags full of quilts, knitted hats and scarves. "This is a delivery for Humble Walk."

Let's backup. In August, Humble Walk moved into a new worship space. It's gorgeous and roomy. The hardwood floors are a bit lovely. (Sidenote: a peaceful way to end a Sunday is dustmopping.) (A not-so-peaceful way is vacuuming.) (Score!) However, our smallest worshipers need a soft spot to hang out during worship. They wiggle out of adult arms. They want to roll around on the floor. What better place to hang out than a quilt?

So, I emailed some folks at one of our partner churches to see if they might have two or three quilts to spare. I spent a year interning at Zion. Every week, I witnessed a whole hall full of women with giant rolls of batting, needles, sewing machines, scraps of cloth, coffee and plates of cookies. (You can understand the appeal for me).

They produce dozens and dozens of quilts each year...and these quilts find their way to places of need. Two years ago, we received a load of quilts and hats and scarves from Zion and then had the honor of delivering them to Joseph's Coat on West 7th. This time, I was thinking we might sweet talk these women into giving us a couple quilts.

A couple shmuple. Come and see their work and this huge gift. We'll have them out this Sunday--you can wrap yourself in one as we give thanks for their work and generosity. If you need one, you can take one home with you. If you know someone who needs one...send them our way. We will keep a few on hand for worship and then find homes for the rest.

Thanks, Zion quilters. You are making W 7th warmer all the time.