Mojo Monkey

Ever hang out at Rudies Coffee? Back in the day, maybe? Rudies was around W. 7th for a long time. And then it closed. We were sad to lose a neighborhood gathering spot. But now! But now! Where once was death is now new the form of Mojo Monkey. Mojo offers handcrafted donuts that will make you swoon, organic coffee, free wifi and a beautiful shop.   Why on earth am I promoting a donut shop?

Because I love the pluck of opening a new shop during this recession. I love that they picked the simple donut--and then chose to do them well. I love that the shop smells like a number of kitchens from my youth (thank you, Shirley and Nettie). I love that Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl loves them.  I love that both times I have been there, I ran into neighbor Leprechaun's Dreamcycle.

Finally, I love that it provides a great public space to hang out with all of you. Want to meet me for a coffee and a donut?