Ennouncements: September 24 - October 2, 2011


Ennouncements: Saturday, September 24 – Sunday, October 2, 2011

  Sunday, September 25 - Sunday Worship at 4:30pm at Acme
  This week, we gather around the story of Joseph in Egypt, which begs the question, "Will he walk like an Egyptian? You are going to have to come to find out. Also, we send Amanda Belle with prayers and a blessing. She is leaving us to move to the greener pasture of Chicago. (That's just a short Megabus ride away). Justin Rimbo continues to lead us with his trusty guitar and foot stompin'.  
  Friday, September 30 - Operation Caffeination
  Friday morning is hopping at the bus stop at West 7th and Randolph. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a PJ Murphy's donut. With sprinkles. 7ish to 8ish. (That's AM, friends).
  Sunday, October 2 – Sunday Worship at 4:30pm at Acme
  Sunday at Acme Art Gallery. We continue our new lectionary cycle through the entire narrative of both Old and New Testaments.
  Name It Claim It
  Name It Claim It (This is the event where we try on a Gospel of Prosperity). (Not really, that's a total lie. We just like the the title). Please reserve Sunday, October 2 for an extended Humble Walk event. 3PM kids head to Acme Gallery for kid centered fun and dreaming and adults and teens gather at Claddagh Coffee for adult and teen dreaming. We'll have coffee and a private meeting space waiting for you. You just show up. Then, we'll all head to Acme for worship at 4:30PM. It's feast Sunday...stay tuned for details about the meal (just know it will be goooood).
  Theology on Tap – October 3
  Theology on Tap at 7PM at Shamrock's Pub on Monday, October 3. Track down Life Together (Deitrich Bonhoeffer) and Take This Bread (Sara Miles) from your local library or on ebay. You want to read both, we promise. Our October Theology on Tap will feature discussions from these two books...so get crackin' folks.
  Online Calendar
  Check out the Humble Walk Online Calendar for updates!
  Did you hear? We entered a six-month lease with Acme Art Gallery. We thank God for this amazing new space.
  Our new home for worship on Sunday's at 4:30PM is the lovely and amazing Acme Scenic Arts Gallery at 941 West 7th Street St. Paul, MN 55102. Just a block and a half from our last space at the Pilney. Check out Acme. We are across the street from Best Pawn. Street parking.  

We understand that our new old beautiful wood floors are a bit loud. To test them out, just drop your keys or a toy or wear clicky shoes. We are working on a few solutions. In the meantime, we invite you to bring a pillow or blanket to spread out to soften the noise (for the youngest among us and those without creaky knees).

September 2011 Worship Volunteers:
  Communion Bread:  Amanda Belle
  Communion Assistants: 
  Prayers of the People: Brie Trovall
  Dish Washing Magic: Matthew and Anna Holm
  Offering Counter (2 needed): Leeland Bourrase
  Altar Guild:
  Operation Caffeination at the Bus Stop: 
  Other things we have not thought of:

Pastor Jodi Houge: jodi@humblewalkchurch.org

Intern Michelle Walka: michelle@humblewalkchurch.org

Happenings: happenings@humblewalkchurch.org

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