public spaces

I am sure it is not news to you that Humble Walk is not a bricks and mortar church. We are a church without walls. When we need walls or a place to gather, we rely on the assets of the community. Bars, parks, storefronts, alleys, your lawn, coffee shops. You get the idea. Two public spaces that have become quite important to us this month are Acme Scenic Art (where we worship) and Claddagh Coffee (where is seems that we do most everything else). If you haven't been to worship on Sunday since we moved into Acme, you are missing out. While it takes a bit of poking to find us (park across the street at Best Pawn and look for our icon in the window), it is worth your trouble. It's spacious and beautiful. One person told me, "This space feels different. It feels holy." Another said, "It feels a bit more grown up. In a good way. Maybe more serious?" There is room for mystery and you and your questions. Come and try it on.

Claddagh Coffee is down the road a bit (still on W 7th) towards downtown. It's another gorgeous space. The staff is kind and helpful...they give you the impression that they actually want you there. The drinks and food are great. But what I love, love, love is the community that is being built inside their walls. One time, Mayor Coleman sat at the table next to us. Yesterday, I witnessed one of the owners wait on a man who was intoxicated and told the room, "I am black and I am homeless. Will you still serve me?" He was served--and the owner met him with dignity and care.  And I thought to myself, "This space feels different. It feels holy."

Guess what? We have a created an event where you can try out both of these spaces on the same day. On Sunday, Oct. 2, kids get to be dropped off at Acme at 3PM for their own dreaming and playing (with supervision, of course). Adults and teens gather in the lower level reserved area at Claddagh. We'll have coffee waiting for you. And we will do some reflecting and dreaming together. Then, we'll all meet up at Acme for our Feast worship (meal provided by Heavenly Day Cafe. Word.)