Again, the kids are raising us

From the beginning of HW, we have tried to put our most vulnerable population out front and let them set the pace. Most often, this is our kids. Allowing them to lead had continually shaped how we are together as a community. It just occurred to me that it's happened again. Here is how... Early yesterday morning, I was preparing for text study. (Yes, I study before gathering with others to study...this way I have something to contribute AND I look way smart. Which is the goal.) Anyway, I started to think about an alternative lectionary that is now circulating around preacher's corners. Sidenote: the lectionary is the cycle of texts from the Bible that we hear/preach each week. Anyway, I read through the fall narrative lectionary and saw Abraham and Sarah, Joseph in Egypt, Ruth (RUTH!!), Soloman, Elijah...and a whole bunch of others.  It's a whole trip through the Old Testament...leading up to Jesus' birth on Christmas (thus, "narrative"). It's the story that has shaped our ancestors. It is our story. Do you want to learn it together?

What does this have to do with kids? Well...they tasted, listened, felt, saw and smelled their way through the whole narrative during Wild Week in August. Totally trumped by the youngsters! Oh, those kids and their new fangled old ideas.

So, come and hear these stories. Try them on. See what they have for you and your life.