Our courtship with an art space

Well folks. I know you have all enjoyed our time at Highland Park picnic area...buuuuuut, this is the final Sunday in the park. I know, I know. You will miss the hotdogs and steamy 105 degree temps. (Seriously, the weather was perfect our first week in July...and then it exploded). We have been shaped by the experience. We have been patience.  And now...we are entering into a one-month trial with Acme Scenic Arts on West 7th. Read about them (fascinating) http://www.acmescenicarts.com/about.html. What you need to know is that space is beautiful...spacious, warm and bright. One very exciting thing we gain in this move is a sink for filling our water/coffee pots. Score! No more hauling water jugs to and from the space. Thank you, Jesus. Plus...tall, tall ceilings. And it's right on our main drag. This gallery is connected to an AA meeting house, a bar and another gallery and a tea house. A little something for everyone. And now, a little Humble Walk.

If the courtship goes well (they like us, we like them...), we will sign on for six more months.  We will have limited chairs for the trial month, so we would love you to bring a camp chair or two when you come. And you will come. And you will bring everyone you know. And it will be awesome.

What do you all think? Do we have your blessing to sign up for this dating service?