That's quite a font


Check out this baptismal font. Yeah, baby! Since our exodus from the Pilney Building, we have been gathering in Highland Park on Sundays. It looks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds differently. We are at picnic tables. Some folks sit on the grass. Others bring camping chairs. Last week, our community included three dogs and an uncle from California.

Babies crawl around on blankets. Small people run and run and run in the green space. Prayers are spoken. Wine is poured into plastic cups. Word is read, chewed and responded to. There are always too many hotdogs. Friends who come to the park to play (with no intention of going to church) are invited in to eat. And suddenly, we are there together, breaking bread.

Last Sunday, it was swampy hot. Someone commented on facebook that we should probably be worried about the pull of Highland tantalizingly close to us....just across the street. We responded that we will just claim the pool as the biggest baptismal font ever. If you get pulled over to the pool, we will rejoice with you. That's the thing about how the Holy Spirit seems to work--drawing us in, closer to the water. And if you spend enough time by that water--you are eventually going to get wet.

Come and see.