a tiny bit homeless

Yesterday, I got to hang around "our" bus stop for an hour with a few other folks from Humble Walk...and a couple dozen folks who don't know they are from Humble Walk. There was coffee. There was donuts. But best of all, there was conversation. After helping  himself to a chocolate-covered raised glazed, one man asked what organization we are from.  I said, "We are Humble Walk Lutheran Church. We used to meet in this building on Sundays at 4:30PM (pointing to the Pilney). But our lease ran out and now we are a tiny bit homeless. So, we are meeting at Highland Park this week."

"I'm a tiny bit homeless, too," he countered with a sheepish smile. "Hopefully, not for long, though."

It begs the question: What does it look like when a church has to rely on the hospitality of others? I mean, in order to exist as a body? Lucky us, we get to try it on. The other folks picnicing at Highland might not even know it. Or maybe they will.  Through the incarnation, Jesus pitched a tent right in the middle of humanity. This Sunday, humanity looks like sunburned hotdog roasters in a park.