foster care

This Sunday, we will gather for the last time in the Pilney Building. We don't have our next home in place. Well, we know where we are going to be in July:  Highland the actual park, park...on Montreal across from the pool. But, beyond July (or possibly August)...we are still homeless. We own a few Rubbermaids full of stuff. Cups, plates, coffeemaking supplies, altar clothes, etc. It's not a lot...but more than any one person would want to store.

So, on Sunday, we gathered all our physical assets into  two piles. One pile was the stuff we want to be free of...large pillar candles, cocoa mix, etc. These were free for the taking. Even mobile churches with few assets can stand to downsize.

The second pile contained items looking for foster care. We asked folks to take home an item or two, store them and then bring them back in a month or two when we find a new place. Out the door went the Paschal candle and stand, the Goodwill collection of coffee mugs, the art supplies.

We are down to the very basics: our altar stuff (baptismal bowl, cross, chalice, plate, offering can). With any move, you get to see your stuff...right there, all laid out and then decide what you really need. For the next month or two--we need one Rubbermaid.