a gift to us

A couple Sundays ago, we arrived early to set up for our Feast. We were all living with the new idea of leaving the Pilney space for good. We had just spent all of Saturday participating in Summer Homework--working on six homes in a three block radius. Sore, tired, hopefilled bodies. Hot City Pizza was busy making an endless supply of pizza for us. Right away, we realized a small hitch in our setup plan. The elevator was in the basement--which meant we couldn't use it--which meant we couldn't access our Rubbermaid bins--which meant we didn't have our regular altar stuff.

We punted. A coffee mug with "Mother" on it served as a chalice. Grape juice rather than wine. A paper plate held the bread. A group drew a cross. Pretty soon, someone offered a stuffed puppy on the altar. When we say things like: the church=gathered bodies around wine, bread, water, word...sometimes we actually have to live it.

We had some visitors that day (welcome to the holy chaos, friends). One visitor was Melissa Pohlman, who serves a church in N. Minneapolis (yes, where the tornado ripped through/apart). She sent us this as a response/thank you.

The trappings never did it for me

Big complicated inside words

And programming from the ‘50’s

Left me cold

But pizza from across the street

With a homegrown salad

In a borrowed space, soon left

Enough orange Fanta to share

There He is.

Embargoed Rubbermaid tubs

Marker to paper drawn

A cross in the style of Microsoft Office clipart

Bread and “wine”, cups and plate

Is enough. Enough to hold him for a quick minute

The altar is just the right place to rest

Beloved puppy and aforementioned Fanta

We are sent even before we have begun

Back to the rest of our lives

Full, with a little extra body delivered

From four year old to four year old

No one lacks for much

And I sing along.