This morning at our staff meeting, amazing Michelle reminded me that I lobbied to take the month of July off from the Pilney. (And by "lobbied," I mean I suggested this to our leadership team). I thought it might be a good idea to gather in another place...maybe pick a new location or partner congregation each week and meet there. I know, it feels sort of chaotic to think about. The logistics and communication are a nusance. What about all those who just randomly show up--would a note on the door explaining our location that week be enough to find us or bring them back in August? Would our community just take the month off? Would our community dissolve? So, with great care and for solid reasons, they steered me back to the Pilney.

Guess what?! It's happening! And now that it's real, it's scary for me, too. And it's exciting.

Today, I read this in a Sunday and Seasons (a book for planning worship based on the lectionary): "Might the summer Sundays also be a chance to worship out of doors, in a park, fair, or farm? Have you ever gathered a group spontaneously to worship in the middle of a storm? Summer is a tremendous opportunity to take the church (the people of God) out of the building and into the community as public sign and witness to God's in-breaking kingdom, manifested in free worship and praise." (p. 206)