It takes a community to raise a pastor

We are moving. Literally. And probably in all sorts of ways metaphorically. We are being moved. Literally. And most likely in all sorts of ways metaphorically. For the first 24 hours, I wasn't exactly on board. "Now??? But I just got home from that thing in NJ and I'm tiiiiiired." "But, Summer Homework is this weekend." "There are so many other things to do this month...I don't want to put energy into moving. I want to hang out with my people."

And then someone offered us the use of their yard.  "We'll even mow." Someone else said, "It's okay, Jodi. We can meet in homes if we need to." And then someone dropped by for coffee and said, "The space doesn't really matter anyway. Church is people. As long as the people are there--who cares where we meet." Someone else suggested gathering at a park. Another person said, "I'm actually really excited about this!" And she meant it.

It all sort of broke my heart (in a good way) and I can't help but be on board. We have three more weeks to gather at the search for a home and to dream about what this might push us to do/be. You KNOW we are going to grow--change has a way of doing that to folks. And this church isn't our anyway, it's God's. God will not abandon us.

So, here's what we need. Lots of you are calling with info on available spaces. I need you to be on the look out--and if you find something that you think might work--go on and get the facts. Call and find out if it's available, how much rent would be, if they want to play with us. (You need to say that we are ELCA. This could be a deal breaker.)

We need space for 30-80. We come with 5 Rubbermaid bins that we want to store during the week. We have children. Our current rent is $75 a week. We want to stay in the West End (we have bus riders and bikers and some walkers). We eat--a kitchen would be thrilling...but we are also used to camping. Go! Investigate. And if something sounds good, let me know.