It's only a tent.

I have so much to tell you all about the gathering in NJ. And I promise I will. While I was there, I shared a little picture of our life together. Here is what I said... "Although I never intended to be a store-front preacher (hello...Lutheran), we have found ourselves in a store-front on Sundays at 4:30PM. The thing that's amazing is that we are in the middle of all sorts of life happening around us.

The firestation is two doors down. Last month, we invited the crew to join us for a feast. And it was awkward and sweet and a now we know about one another. Plus, we cannot help but be aware of every emergency they are called to...we see the trucks and hear the sirens during worship. Every week. 

We are at the intersection of a busy bus stop. When the bus stops (during worship), we see the riders and they see us. Cups of coffee are shared between bus riders and public. Often there are donuts involved.

We know we are in the middle of all sorts of life being lived. One telltale sign is the pair of turquoise women's lacy underwear that I found tied to the door handle last Sunday. (You probably don't want to dwell on that one too long.)"

And, all of this is completely true. But, the Pilney Building is only a tent. Humble Walk is you. Is me.  And we will be Humble Walk whether we gather in the Pilney (Sundays), an alley (summer Wild Wednesdays), a park (WW's), a bar (Theology on Tap), a garage (Good Friday) or in one anothers homes (Summer Homework).

Keep that in mind...because here is the kicker...we are getting the boot from the Pilney. We have 30 days to find a new space. It's fair--our agreement with the owner's of the building was a 30 day notice. And that if they needed the space for something fulltime--we would move on.  We have lasted waaaay longer than we thought we would.

So, we'll enjoy the next month (come! enjoy!)...and we'll all be on the lookout for a place to gather. We will all think about...dream about...what we want that space to look like and where we want it to be located. We will take time to be sad...and we will embrace the reality that our gathering space is only a tent. We are HW.