Ennouncements - June 2 - June 12, 2011


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Ennouncements - Thursday, June 2 - Sunday, June 12, 2011

  Saturday, June 4 - Summer Homework
  You don't even need to be able, just willing. See the Announcement below.
  Sunday, June 5 - Feast Day Worship at 4:30pm at The Pilney
  Sunday is feast day...and feast we will. In celebration of Summer Homework, Hot City Pizza for everyone!
  Sunday, June 12 - Sunday Worship at 4:30pm at The Pilney
  Join us for Worship. Coffee and Lemonade will be provided.  And air conditioning.
  Summer Homework is THIS Saturday (June 4). For the second year in a row, we spend a day working on homes in the West End neighborhood of St Paul. We paint, we fix, we shovel dirt. We do whatever projects our project managers tell us to do. Look to Matt Holm and Nate Houge for a clipboard full of projects. You want to help--it's like Habitat for Humanity right here in our neck of the woods. Bay Lake Camp
  Camp registration!  Begin thinking ahead to Bay Lake...12 rooms in the lodge available (each room has a bathroom with shower, double bed and a set of bunkbeds.) Or you can tent. Sign up for camp (adults, kids, friends, neighbors, snarly teens...we want you all) either in person at worship OR email Jodi. Deadline: Monday, June 6.
June 2011 Worship Volunteers:
We've switched our weekly volunteer worship positions to be a monthly commitment; if you are unable to attend one of your dates, please ask someone to cover your commitment.  And, thank you.  You make our church go 'round.
  Communion Bread:  Bill and Joanne 12, 19, 26
  Communion Assistants:  Anna and Lydia (and often Elsa)
  Prayers of the People: Keith and MaryKaye
  Dish Washing (one Feast Day, the rest just cups):
  Offering Counter:  Bill 12, 19, 26
  Altar Guild (Arrive early and set up the altar. Stick around and put it away)*:
  Hospitality (Arrive early and make coffee. Clean up after worship)*:
  Operation Caffeination at the Bus Stop: 
          * Pastor Jodi will help/train you.
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