silk printing...fancy liturgical colors

Last week, I ran into a friend at synod assembly. Perhaps you already know him...Pastor Dave Greenlund at Peace Lutheran in Lauderdale. Dave has already coached us through Summer Homework (we ripped off their idea in its entirety and gave it a new name). ANYway, he asked what we do with art within our worship space. Which led to me say that we are looking for ideas of creating a holy space within our tent. Along with the coffee cups and fire trucks wailing by. But it gets tricky since we set up and tear down each week. Things get broken easily. Dave, lovely, Dave offered to teach us how to do silk printing. Which we can do in liturgical colors and help define our space. PLUS, they are durable/hard to break. Do you want to learn? And then come back and teach the rest of us?

A few of you already signed on for this project. If anyone else wants to go, do, learn and then equip the rest of us...tell Rachel Kurtz. It will mean a two-hour commitment sometime between now and June 12.  You will make something flaming red for the season of Pentecost (begins June 12).