Humble Walk Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

Humble Walk has a newsletter!  Yes!  It looks a little like the Farmer's Almanac because, you know, Humble Walk has this thing with growth.  It's kind of like a seed bomb, itself, being formed years ago and thrown into the West End.  It sprouted at a coffee shop, it sprouted at The Pilney, it sprouted with Theology on Tap at Skinner's, it sprouted with Blessing of the Bicycles at Adams Park, it sprouted in the homes that are fixed during Summer Homework, it sprouted at the bus stop during Operation Caffeination, it sprouted at The Terminal is always growing.  So, the Almanac can show you just how the growth is going.  Up, mostly.  Enjoy. 

Click on the link for the Spring/Summer Newsletter.  It's a bit dark for printing so please conserve paper and enjoy it on your screen.  Pass it on.  Let it grow.