Festival of Homiletics (it's sort of fancy)

Do you know what preachers do for fun? They sit around for five days and listen to other preachers. I know-if this is not your vocation, it sounds so lame. But, if you spend 10-20 hours a week wrestling with the Bible and crafting a sermon--it's pretty cool. Next week, the Festival of Homiletics is rolling into town. All the fancy preachers from near and far will stand among peers and preach. There are coffee breaks and cookies. There is time for catching up with old friends. But mostly, it's preaching. In a "my life is too strange sometimes" moment, Karoline Lewis asked Nate and I to craft and lead the liturgy with her. She preaches on Thursday at 8:45AM at Central Lutheran in downtown Minneapolis.  Nate will lead music, I will lead liturgy, Karoline will preach the word of God. And then Brian McLaren speaks. So, it's sort of like we are opening for Brian. (I'm sure we'll be on a first-name basis by then). Also, we are supposed to print 1,100 bulletins. Perhaps we can use thirty of them on Sunday for Humble Walk.

(If you are going to be there--see you at the cookie table).