Practical Theology on Tap (witness the dead being raised)

Jesus is forever hauling us out of our tombs. We die to ourselves and rise together in Christ. Daily. Over and over and over. From now until Fall, our Theology on Tap will look a bit different. We are busting out of Skinner's Pub and putting a little flesh to all this theological conversation. In summary, it's less talk, more walk. The dead will be raised. From now until September, you get to participate in hands-on theology all over the city. Perhaps with one or two other folks--perhaps with a whole crowd. You will find invitations to Practical Theology on Tap on Facebook beginning today. You can sign up for one or all. Of course, your friends are welcome.

But wait, there's more (thank you, Michelle Walka)! We have a summer reading list. Get thee to your library or beg, borrow or steal these two books.  If all else fails, buy them. Then read them.

1. Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Lots of Christians LOVE to talk about this book, but few have actually read it. Defy the odds, Humble Walk.

2. Jesus Freak by Sara Miles.

These two books will be conversation partners with us this summer. Then, in October, come to Theology on Tap's book discussion night at Shamrock's. Be forewarned: these two books will change the way you look at everything. What you currently know and love  and hold tightly to might be destroyed or altared...or at the very least, messed with.