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Once again, our Maundy Thursday Too Much Love food was piled high. Big bowls of honeyed almonds, olives, cheese, eggs, carrots, tomatoes, ham, carrots, celery, apples, grapes, wine, juice, coffee and loaves and loaves and loaves of fresh bread.  All in the windows/serving space of the Pilney building. Jean and Felicia prepared a feast.  We set the tables, Last Supper style, and waited. While we waited for Humble Walk to come, the city bus arrived.  As folks got off, a few glanced through the big street side windows. "Look! Look at THAT! Buddy, come here and look!" This feast caught the eye of someone-who called his friend over to see. We all giggled because it was so great.

We opened the door and invited him in. "Really? Do I have to pray or something first?" No, just come. "But aren't you a church?" We are. "But why you doin this? Why you bein so nice?" Well, it's what we do. "Don't I gotta stay for a service or something?" No, you can fill a to-go box or you can come back and sit down with us at 6PM. Or, take some now and then if you like it, come back and eat with us again at 6PM. "Really? Just like that?" Yes. Names were exchanged. Food preferences met. Off he went, chomping on a piece of bread.

After he left, I turned to the group and said, "Well friends, we can go home now. I think that was it."

But then, we feasted again anyway, just for good measure.